Oct 27, 2011

How to make triangle & Layered Parathas ?

How to make Triangular & layered Parathas ?

Roll out each ball into a thick flat round ( approximately 6 inches in diameter ).

Apply little oil / ghee, sprinkle a little flour and fold it into semicircle.

Again apply oil / ghee and flour. Fold this semicircle into half to represent 1/4 of a circle ( the shape will approximately be like a triangle ).

Sprinkle sufficient flour on this and roll it carefully to form a normal size paratha in triangular shape ( Cut and size to form triangle if it is not shaped properly during rolling ).

Heat griddle / frying pan and apply little oil / ghee. Put the paratha on it. Cook by adding oi / ghee around the edges.

Turn and fry the other side by applying oil / ghee ( adjust heat low to medium and do not cook on high heat. Approximate frying time3 - 5 minutes for each paratha ).

When brown patches appear on both sides ( also it will puff slightly ), remove from the griddle and serve hot with any Mughlai / North Indian dishes / Dal etc of your choice.

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