Jun 29, 2008

Bengali Sweets from Sri Durga Sweets - Chennai

Yummy Mishti Doi...Real taste of Yoghurt...

Mishti Doi in Earthen Pot

What is inside a Kachori.?.......................See it yourself

Samosa...crispy and delicious !!!!

Sri Durga Sweets is our favourite shop for Bengal Sweets and snacks. You will get all the special sweets of Bengal. Chchaner payesh available only in weekends. Enjoy the yummy taste of gulab jamun, rosgulls, rosmalai, kala jamun, different types of pedas, mishti doi in earthen pots, samosas, kachori and other sweets & snacks.
Sri Durga Sweets
Opp Titan & Tanishq
F- block, 2 nd Avenue ( towards Chintamani )
Anna Nagar East
Chennai # 26262413
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