Jun 16, 2008

Recipe of Kuzhipaniyaram ( Uditha Appo in Konkani Cuisine )

Recipe of Kuzhipaniyaram / Udidha Appo in Konkani Cuisine

You need

Non – stick Kuzhipaniyaram Kadai
Idli batter- 1 small container

Cooking oil / ghee- 3 teaspoon


Heat Kuzhipaniyaram Kadai on a medium flame. Smear each mould with little oil / ghee. Pour Idli batter in each mould. Sprinkle oil / ghee . Cover with a lid. Cook for 8-10 minutes in a low flame . Cook till crisp and sides will turn golden brown. Turn the other side with the help of yellow stick.. Serve hot with coconut chutney / tomato chutney / sambar.

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