Jun 22, 2008

re Store- Chennai for Organic foods..Go organic

reStore is

a not-for-profit organization in Chennai, India that works to restore wellness, livelihoods for the poor and ecological balance
a network of retail shops that promote Organic food, eco-friendly products and sustainable practices
a community of people interested in sharing restorative ideas, practices and knowledge
a way to connect consumers with the producers of their food and other articles of daily living


Food: Organic, traditional and local. A commonly-felt need in Chennai is for affordable Organic food that is free of pesticides and other toxins. We are trying to make Organic food accessible and affordable to all in Chennai. In the process we strive to support local farmers and sustainable farming.

Books: Alternative social and environmental books


bags, baskets, toys, stationery, crockery and jewelry made of eco-friendly materials
Textiles: Handspun, hand-woven, natural-dyed and organic fabrics

Garden: Seeds, Saplings, Compost, Panchakavya, Tools

Health: Herbal and traditional health products

Renewable energy devices

Go Organic here  for more.....


Unknown said...

"GREEN SHOP" is a well known Organic Food Store in Madurai, Thanjavur, Erode and Tiruppur. Chennai's first branch is located at Sholinganallur, Chennai. ( Near Infosys ).

They have around 200 organic food varieties ranging from Rice, Oil, Dhals, Flour, Juices, Vegetables and Fruits.

contact 9677088622, 9677088722

Unknown said...

they are going in big way, bringing organic food products through online @ www.organicgreenshop.com to the chennai people.

3rd Wave Inc said...

Organic products are essentially earth-friendly, sustainable and natural, not only in its entity but in production mode. Which makes safer and healthier.