Jun 27, 2008

Nestle finest Swiss Milk Chocolate

NESTLÉ Milk Chocolate - NESTLÉ Superior Quality Milk Chocolate is made with real NESTLÉ milk chocolate for a rich and creamy eating experience. NESTLÉ Milk Chocolate tastes the way you expect great chocolate should taste, offering a milk chocolate alternative that the entire family can enjoy any time. Enjoy the divine taste.......:))))


emma said...

do u no were i could get this only in white, my mum has falling in love with it, and the only place we have seen it was at dalaman airport in turkey on the way home from holiday, any information u cud give me i would be truely greatful for, as i would love to get her some, thank you.

Niya prakash said...

Hi emma,

Thanks a lot for visiting my blog. Nestle chocolate available in Kuala Lumpur airport. My husband brought this from KL aiport.

Divine taste and yummy !!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Emma,

I believe you can buy this chocolate at any Duty Free Shop. A friend of mine would like me to stop and get her a bar the next time I visit my family in Canada. I actually saw this Chocolate at the Duty Free in Port Huron, Michigan when going to Sarnia.