Jul 24, 2008

Appam and Stew

Find out here the recipes of Appam and stew.

Ingredients for Stew & Enjoy these photos !!!

Thick coconut milk- 1 cup

Thin coconut milk -2 cup

Yummy & delicious vegetable stew

Appam - Edges are like lace.... ( Am I right ???? )

Try this God's own Country's Appam & Stew.... You'll love it..... !!!!!!! :))))
Find out here for the recipes of Appam and Stew.


Indian Khana said...

I love appam...with sugar, kurma and milk. This time when I went to Munar they severed it with channa masala...was so gud...and yours looks great..& yes the edges does look like lace

Anonymous said...

I tried stew without onion for a Jain friend of mine and it came out really good. Thanks Niya.


Ranjitha Deepesh said...

this one looks so soft nd delicious. nicely done.