Jul 16, 2008

Hittu and Bajjile Gassi - Special Konkani Dish

Hittu ( also ittu ) is very special for Konkani’s made only during festive occasions like ‘’ Sutta- Punnav / Avani Avittam ( roughly translated as the full moon day – where the sacred thread / pooNool / JaNNuVe exchanged ).

The traditional version is made in a mould ( folding ) made out of green leaves of Jack fruit tree. Hard to find in Chennai. Hence took a short cut and made in steel containers. Alternately steel containers of Masala Dabba can also be used. Apply a thin film of oil so that the Hittu will come off very easily and not stick to the wall of the containers.

Its basically the idly batter with a little more urad dal ( added for puffiness ).

Additional ingredients:

For every 500 gms of idly batter,
Add – 1 in piece of giner ( or Alle in Konkani) finely chopped
1 tsp Jeera or cumin seeds
Salt to taste


Mix all the above ingredients to idly batter. Pour in the mould / containers’. Care should be taken not to fill the mould to the brim to allow for expansion of Hittu during cooking – fill up only ¾ of mould. Steam in idly / pressure cooker for 15 - 20 min.

Serve with Bajjilli gassi ( traditional combination).

Also goes well with Tambeli ( coconut chutney), Thriksani Hummaan ( any variety – kook ( potato) , ambo ( mango) , surnu ( fried yam) ). One can use Sambar also as a combination.

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Neenu Praveen said...

The irressistable dish for every true konkani by heart...Gud work.