Jul 15, 2008

God's own Country's Favourite Kanjiyum - Payarum made from Nirapara Rice



Kanjiyum - Payarum ( Payar made with green gram )

Kanji is a famous , all time favourite porridge of Kerala. It’s made from Brown rice , contains carbohydrates which gives instant energy . Kanji goes well with Cherupayar/ pickle / pappadam ( chuttapappadam / roasted is better/ ) and a dash of Ghee. You can give it for infants also. For infants, you can make Kanji with milk and sugar. Easy for digestion and no side effects.

Recipe of Kanji

1 cup Nirapara rice
Water – 4 ½ cup


Wash and clean rice. Add 1 cup Nirapara rice and 4 ½ cup water in the pressure cooker. Cook for 20 -30 minutes. Serve with Cherupayar / pickle / pappadam . Hot Kanji is very good for winter and rainy days.
Want Payaru recipe ? Here it is.

A variation of this is called PaalKanji ( Paal- Milk ) in which the base is water , but a cup of milk is added and brought to boil. With sugar added to taste, this Paal Kani is liked / good for kids as well as senior citizens.
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A_and_N said...

Hi Niya, first time visitor. The kanji and payar are not only healthy and nutritious, but they bring back a lot of memories for me (with my grandparents).

The paneer masala's close-up is really tempting too :)

Shreya said...

HI Niya, I could die for the kanji and payar! I don't make it these days because my husband is not so fond of it. My daughter too loves kanji, thanks to my parents:-) I think I will make it sometime soon. Like A&N, this post brought back a lot of good memories for me:-)