Dec 23, 2008

Eye Shadow beauty tips

For Deep-set eyes

Shape the eyebrows in a slight upward shape. These eyes have a pronounced crease and can look dramatic on their own without any make up at all. Never put dark color in the crease line. Use light colors on your eyelids. Add a highlighter above the eye crease line. Outline the eyes with a slightly darker shadow than the shadow used on the eyelids. Use lots of mascara.

For Wide-Set Eyes

Keep the brow full not too thin. Make them appear closer by applying a deeper shade from inner corner to mid-lid. Apply a lighter shade from mid-lid to outer corner. Blend in the middle of lid where shades meet. Also reverse the mascara - darker inside and lighter outside.

For Close-Set Eyes

Pull the eyebrow up and out. Use a lighter shade from inner corner to mid-lid; apply a just-slightly deeper shade from mid-lid to outer corner; blend in the middle. Keep your strokes in an upward-outward movement.

Keep the eyeliner dark at the outer corner and lighter as it moves towards the inner corner. Apply mascara and then add a second coat only to the outside lashes. Do not add color close to the nose.

For Glasses-Wearers

Most glass wearer feel that since their eyes are hidden behind the glasses so their eyes can't be noticed - but nothing can be further from the truth. Glasses can magnify the eye bringing them into prominence. First select a glass shape that compliments the eyes and face. Now paint your eyes starting with a dark color close to the eyelashes and move upwards with a lighter color as you near the eyebrows. Add 2 coats of mascara.

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