Dec 14, 2008

Lipstick Tips

Start with looking at yourself carefully in the mirror. Use swatches of fabric to see what looks good on your facial skin – that will give you a clue which colour family to look at. The colour that makes your face seem muddy and dull is a complete no-no. When you find the shade that makes you seem as if you are lighted up and glowing, you will know it almost immediately. Every woman knows when she looks good.

The first step – take your time and examine the range of lipstick shades carefully. Choose a colour that gives you the same kind of 'glow' as the fabric did. To make it easier for you, you can use the following rule of thumb.

If your skin is fairly light, opt for medium tones – pinks, beige, pale peach, orange, taupe.

If your hair and skin are dark, choose deep tones – maroon, fuschia, dark chocolate, plum, wine, ruby.

If your colouring is somewhere in between, you are lucky – you can wear almost anything you like, from a pale nude to a brilliant scarlet to a gentle caramel.

If you are olive-toned, like many Indians, be careful with the violets and pale lavenders. Use brighter colours with less blue in them.

The general rule is to keep lips soft and natural if your eyes are dramatic. During the day, stick with lighter, softer, more matte colours, to present a more professional and sober appearance. Night time allows more glitz and glamour, so up the voltage with brights and lots of drama. Gloss and glitter is best saved for a special evening out.

If you are looking for a long stay lipstick, go for Lakme 9to5. Usually long-lasting lip stains dry out your lips. But Lakme 9to5 moisturizes the lips without fading or ruining the lipstick’s color.

For regular lipstick users, every bit of moisture helps. So look for lipsticks with vitamin E to moisturize and protect your lips. Lakme Enrich Lip Color is enriched with Vitamin E to keep lips feeling softer and smoother.

Lip glosses are very popular these days because they add softness, moisture, and sheen to the lips; making them look a bit fuller, younger, and oh-so-yummy!

Lipliners are useful when you want a carefully defined lip contour, and essential if you are wearing a dark (plum, maroon) or very bright (red, fuschia) shade, since any bleeding will be clearly visible.

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