Dec 29, 2008

Seafood meal Combo at Fisherman's Fare - Chennai

Seafood meal Combo
The Fisherman's Fare
# 24 Casa Major Road, Egmore
Chennai # 42068776 / 28194840

High ( low ) lights
The menu is devised in such a way that any combination will extract a min of approx Rs.200 per person –what ever combination one can think of.
While the general food quantity is OK, the same is not true regarding the gravy. The gravy is grossly in-adequate; especially when one orders a combo meal. One has to stuff down either the Naan or Pulao dry.
Good ambiance – nice family atmosphere. Space for car-park.Service is OK – still there is room for improvement.
Overall – Good.

Indian seafood combo
Prawns fry, Masala fried fish, pulao, naan, prawn butter masala, kuchumber , soft drink

Tandoor seafood combo
Fish tikka , Tandoori prawns, pulao , naan , fish tikka masala , kuchumber , soft drink

Western seafood combo
Crumb fried fish, butterfry prawn, pasta with seafood sauce, toasted green salad
, soft drink

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