Aug 27, 2010

Mooliku / Sukhiyan

Mooliku ( in Cochin GSB Konkani Cuisine ) / Sukhiyan ( in Kerala Cuisine ) is a deep fried sweet snack which is popular in Kerala and made with channa dal, jaggery and grated coconut. You can use moong dal and sugar instead of channa dal and jaggery. It is very tasty and favorite dish of all age groups. Must try ...

Makes: 9

You will need

For dal & filling:

1 cup ( 100 g ) channa dal
1 cup water
1/4 teaspoon oil
50 g ( 1/2 cup ) + 1 tablespoon melted jaggery
50 g ( 1/2 cup ) grated coconut
2 pinches cardamom powder
2 teaspoon ghee
200 ml oil for frying

For Rice flour batter:

100 g ( 1 cup ) rice flour ( orva pitti / ari podi )
1 teaspoon maida ( all purpose flour )
75 ml ( 3/4 cup ) water
1/4 teaspoon salt


For dal & filling:

Wash and clean channa dal and boil in a pressure cooker with 1/4 teaspoon oil and 1 cup water ( reduce heat to medium after 2 nd whistle and cook for 20 minutes ). Channa dal mixture should be thick in consistency or drain out excess dal stock ( you can use dal stock to prepare ‘’ Rasam / Sarru ‘’ ).

In a wide frying pan, heat ghee. Add melted jaggery and fry for 2 - 3 minutes or till fragrant. Add cooked thick channa dal mixture, mix it well and fry for 8 minutes on a low heat. Do not cover with lid. Add grated coconut and mix it well and fry for 3 minutes or till you get a thick dal mixture. Sprinkle cardamom powder and keep aside to cool.

For Rice flour batter:

Make a fine batter of rice flour with maida, water and salt. Batter should not be thick in consistency. It should be of dropping consistency. Keep aside.

For Mooliku / Sukhiyan:

Divide this channa dal- coconut - jaggery mixture into 9 equal portions. Make into lemon sized balls.

Heat oil in a deep kadai / frying pan. Reduce heat to medium and dip each chana dal ball into rice flour batter and deep fry in batches ( 4 - 5 mooliku / sukhiyan at a time ) till golden color ( approximate frying time 2 - 3 minutes for each side ). Drain out oil and serve as a sweet snack.


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