Mar 2, 2012

Paneer Fingers

Paneer Fingers

A delicious shallow fried snack !!!

Makes: 12 paneer fingers

You will need

For paneer:

100 g paneer (cottage cheese)

¼ teaspoon pepper powder

¼ teaspoon red chilli powder

½ teaspoon salt


Cut paneer into finger shaped pieces (approximately 4 cm in length). Gently wipe with a kitchen towel. In a bowl, mix paneer pieces with pepper powder, red chilli powder and salt. Keep aside for half an hour.

Other ingredients

2 tablespoons all purpose flour (maida)

4 tablespoons water

2 pinches salt

50 g (1/4 cup) breadcrumbs

2 tablespoons oil

Tomato ketchup or green chutney or mayonnaise for serving

1/4 teaspoon chaat masala powder (optional)


In a small bowl, mix all purpose flour with water and make a smooth solution. Gently apply this batter on marinated paneer pieces and roll in breadcrumbs. Breadcrumbs should coat nicely.

Final preparation:

Heat 1 tablespoon oil in a non stick frying pan / tawa. Reduce heat to medium and arrange paneer pieces carefully. Shallow fry on a medium to low heat until golden color and crisp. Turn the other side and sprinkle remaining oil. Frying time approximately 4 minutes for each side. Sprinkle chaat masala powder if required. Serve hot as a snack or starter with tomato ketchup or green chutney or mayonnaise.

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vandana rajesh said...

This sounds and looks really delicious..feel like having a bite now itself:)...have been seeing ur recipes on FB and they drive one crazy first thing in the morning. Will definitely give this a try, generally with being non-vegs do it with chicken but paneer looks yumm.