Feb 10, 2013

Soyi Bajjilli Gashi

Special Idlis with Gashi (Idlis made in Cup cake moulds)

Soyi Bhajjili Gashi

A tasty gravy dish made with pulses / vegetables and dry roasted coconut paste (massolu) in Konkan cuisine of Cochin GSB’s.  While there are standard combinations like - Potato & Drumstick, Cauliflower & green peas, Soornu (yam) & black chana (chickpeas or chono), Gidgi (tender jackfruit) & chono or with mixed vegetables One can make gashi with any vegetables / pulses. One can add shallow fried chundephal (Solanum torvum or Turkey Berry, a type of berry seen in tropics, normally used raw or unripe; to make dishes) while making gashi which will enhance the flavour. Massolu is the main ingredient in bhajjile gashi. 

Here is the recipe of chono ani dento (drumsticks) galnu soyi bajjilli gashi.

Basic recipe for Massolu (dry roasted coconut paste)


2 coconut, grated (Please select joonu narlu)

24 dried red chillies (medium size) or 20 dried red chillies (big size)

3 tablespoon (45 g) coriander seeds (kothamberi)

1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder (optional)


Heat an iron kadai. Dry roast grated coconut for 20 - 25 minutes on a low to medium heat or until the moisture completely dries up from the grated coconut and also started getting light brown color.

At this point, add dried red chillies and coriander seeds. Dry roast on a low to medium heat for another 20 minutes or till golden color. One can notice a color change in red chillies, grated coconut and also a nice aroma. Transfer the coconut mixture into a mixer bowl and make a paste without adding water (also oil from the roasted coconut may leaves from the sides of the mixer bowl). Transfer the massolu to another container and store in a refrigerator for later use.

Main ingredients

Massolu (dry roasted coconut paste)

Cooked black chana (kadala / chono)

Cooked dal

2 drumsticks, gently peel off the outer later and cut into 4 cm slices

1 kudampuli (darmbyasole)

½ teaspoon  salt (or to taste)


For dal:

75 g tur dal

1 ½ cup water (250 ml)

(Adding dal will make the gashi thick and creamy texture)

Boil tur dal in 1 ½ cup water with oil and turmeric powder in pressure cooker for 20 minutes or till done ( reduce the heat after 2nd whistle and cook for 15 minutes ). Allow the cooker to naturally.

For  chickpeas (chono/ kadala):

Please use same measuring cup to measure black chickpea  & water.

1 cup / 100 ml chono / black chickpea /kadala / black chana (Indian standard measuring cup of 100 ml / 4 oz capacity)

3 cups water

½ teaspoon turmeric powder

½ teaspoon salt

Wash and soak black chickpeas in 3 cups of water for 6 – 7 hours or overnight. In a pressure cooker, add soaked  chickpea (along with its soaked water, final water level should be 1 – inch above the level of soaked chickpeas), turmeric powder and salt and pressure cook for 25 minutes until done and soft (reduce the heat on high after 3 quick whistle and cook on medium heat for 20 - 23 minutes. Switch off the heat. Allow the cooker to cool naturally). Reserve stock. It may be 1/2 cup.

Final preparation:

In a wide bowl, boil cooked chana (along with 1/2 cup stock / 50 ml), cooked dal (along with stock ), drumstick, salt to taste and kudampuli.  Cover with a lid and cook on low to medium heat for 10 - 12 minutes or until drumsticks almost cooked (gashi should be of pouring in consistency / medium thick gravy).

At this stage, add 3 - 4 teaspoons coconut paste / massolu (you can dilute massolu with 2 teaspoons water before adding. Then it will mix easily with dal and vegetables) and cook on a low heat for 10 - 12 minutes (Do not add extra water) or until thickens / brown in color / fragrant. Serve with Rice / Polo / Idli / Santhan / Hittu ...

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