Oct 11, 2013

Complete Indian Cooking by Mridula Baljekar

Complete Indian Cooking by Mridula Baljekar, Rafi Fernandez, Shehzad  Hussain and Manisha Kanani (325 deliciously authentic recipes for the adventurous cook. Available @ Snapdeal  Online store (Price Rs411))

A fully illustrated guide to preparing delicious Indian food, featuring 325 easy and original recipes inspired by this popular cuisine.

Expert advice on how to produce stunning result every time, using authentic ingredients and classic cooking methods.

Tempting dishes for every occasion, from light,  crispy appetizers to succulent, meaty mains, vegetarian curries to seafood specialities; plus pickles, breads and sumptuous desserts.

Over 1800 color photographs explain all techniques in simple steps, and there are tips and variations for the versatile cook.

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