Feb 28, 2011

Egg Ring

Egg Ring

Egg ring this round stainless steel ring with its convenient vertical handle is ideal for shaping an egg while being fried or poached. The rings also keep the egg from spreading in the pan so that more eggs can be cooked in the pan at the same time.


Lightly grease the inside of the ring with very little butter or oil.

Heat one teaspoon of butter / oil in a large skillet; then place the greased ring into the pan.

Crack the egg directly into ring.

Cook the eggs to the desired doneness, usually three to five minutes. This is a longer cooking time than what is usually required for eggs that are cooked sunny-side-up, but since the egg rings do not allow the eggs to spread out in the pan, the extra thickness requires more cooking time.

Keep in mind that the longer the egg is cooked, the browner the bottom of the egg will become.

When the egg has cooked to the desired doneness, remove the ring from the skillet / frying pan with the help of a needle and remove the fried egg ring from the skillet / frying pan with the help of a flat spatula.

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Cooking tip for Egg

Always use 2 bowls for breaking 2 or more eggs. Use one bowl to break one egg at a time and collect the clean broken egg in the other. If an egg is bad, then that can be identified and thrown and not mixed with the rest.

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