Dec 27, 2011

Idiyappam Upma

Idiyappam Upma

A tasty upma with leftover idiyappam. Serve as a snack or a breakfast dish !!!

Serves: 2

You will need

1 tablespoon oil

1 teaspoon mustard seeds

1/2 teaspoon jeera ( cumin seeds )

1/4 teaspoon urad dal

1 onion, finely sliced

1/2 - inch piece ginger, finely chopped

1 spring curry leaves

3 green chillies, slit lengthwise

6 left over idiyappam (sevai / string hoppers), break into small pieces

Extra 1/2 teaspoon salt ( or to taste )

2 tablespoon grated coconut ( optional )


Heat 1 tablespoon cooking oil in a frying pan / kadai. Add mustard seeds. When they start to crackle, add cumin seeds ( jeera ) and urad dal.Fry for 1 minute.

Add sliced onion and fry till golden color and crisp on a low to medium heat.

Add curry leaves, chopped ginger and slit green chilli. Saute until fragrant.

Add broken idyappam and adjust salt to taste. Mix well and stir continuously for 5 minutes. Sprinkle grated coconut ( optional ) and serve hot.

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Priya dharshini said...

Yummy fav and simple version...happy new year..