Nov 15, 2013

How to cook eggs in a Microwave Egg Poacher?

How to cook eggs in a microwave egg poacher?

Apply ¼ teaspoon cooking oil into each egg poacher.

Crack eggs in the each poacher (1 egg in each compartment).

Sprinkle ½ teaspoon of water on each egg. Gently stir egg white with the help of a fork.

Tighten the lid and keep it in microwave on high power (750 W) for 1 minute (30 seconds  for soft yolk and 1 minute for hard boil). Switch off microwave power.

Take the egg poacher  out from the microwave. Slide poached egg from the poacher, which is ready to serve (Microwave egg poacher easily available at online stores, supermarkets and steel utensil showroom. Price Rs 90 – 150/ in India).

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