May 9, 2012

Instant Mango Pickle (Uppu Pisiri Mangai)

Instant Mango Pickle (Uppu Pisiri Mangai)

A tasty instant pickle. Goes well with rice / curd rice. Recipe from Zero oil South Indian Cook Book.

Makes: 1 cup (200 g)


1 raw mango

2 teaspoon red chilli powder

½ teaspoon turmeric powder

1 teaspoon asafoetida powder (hing/ kaayam)

Salt to taste (or ½ teaspoon)

For seasoning:

2 teaspoon oil

1 teaspoon mustard seeds


Peel and chop the mango to ½ - inch pieces.

In a wide bowl, mix chopped mango pieces with red chilli powder, turmeric powder, asafoetida and salt to taste. Mix well until all the spices well coated on mango.

Heat oil in a small pan. Add mustard seeds. When they crackle, pour it over spicy mango mixture.

Serve with rice varieties.


Suryaprabha said...

My mom used to do this pickle. Nostalgia!Loved it!!Cheers

Unknown said...

This one's really easy and nice i have to try it .... yummieeeee

Niswanam said...

Me too LOVED it, Niya dear...Always wanted to know how this was made...Thanks a TON...!!!! :)