May 7, 2012


Dal, Phulka roti and  Subzi


A tasty Indian bread, made of wholewheat (gehun ka atta). Basic recipe adapted from Hawkins pressure cooker.

Makes: 12 - 14
Time required: 2½ minutes per phulka


Sufficient atta dough


Sifted whole wheat ( atta ) - 4 cups ( 14 oz / 400 g)

Salt (optional)- ¾ tsp / 3.8 ml

Water - 1¼ cups / 300 ml


Mix flour, salt and 1 cup/ 240 ml water. Add enough of remaining water (¼ cup/60 ml), 2 tbsp/30 ml at a time, mixing after each addition, till dough forms a soft ball (stop adding water before dough becomes wet and sticky). Knead till dough is smooth and elastic (about 2 minutes). Keep covered with a damp cloth about 30 minutes.

With oiled hands, knead dough briefly. Make 12 balls about 1¾ inch/4.5 cm in diameter. Keep covered with a damp cloth for one hour.

On a floured board, roll each ball of dough into a flat round 7¼ inch /18 cm in diameter or 4 – 5 inches in diameter.

Heat tava on medium heat no more than 5 minutes. Put roti / phulka on tava. Cook till small blisters appear on surface and very few light brown specks appear on underside (about 50 seconds). Turn over.

Cook till light brown specks appear on underside (about 30 seconds). Turn over.


If you are experienced with the technique, you may puff up phulka directly on the flame (or with the help of a tong, directly above gas flame. Phulka is ready when it puffs up ). Alternately (on the tawa itself) with a folded kitchen cloth press edges of phulka till phulka puffs up and/or underside has brown specks (about 1 minute). Cook remaining rounds in the same way. Serve hot with dal or any gravy dishes of your choice.


Dhiru Galani said...

Impressed with the pictures.

Leelagovind said...

usually i use to make phulkas as it is much more softer than chapathis only bec of the puffiness.your pic obviously proves it:)

Niya prakash said...

Hello Leelagovind, Thanks for comment on phulka :)

Niya prakash said...

Hello Dhiru Galaniji, Thanks for comments on blog post and facebook :)