Jul 20, 2012

No Bake Date Roll

No Bake Date Roll

A delicious no bake sweet dish with minimum ingredients and no added butter and sugar !!!

Makes : 1 roll of 12 cm


26 dates (pick very good quality)

3 Marie biscuits

1/3 cup / 80 g (Indian standard measuring cup of 80 ml / 3 oz capacity) corn flakes

Wax paper / butter paper

1 tablespoon powdered sugar or castor sugar (optional)


Wipe each date with a soft kitchen towel and remove seeds. Chop dates finely and make a fine paste in a small mixer bowl.

Make a fine powder of marie biscuits and corn flakes.

In a wide bowl, mix date paste and powdered corn flakes – marie biscuit mixture. Gently make a soft dough. No need to add sugar, butter , water … Roll into a log (cylindrical shape) of 10 – 12 cm. Wrap log with a wax paper / butter paper and tightly close both the ends and refrigerate for minimum 4 hours. Remove wax paper and slice into ¼ - inch discs. Sprinkle powdered sugar / caster over it (optional).

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shubha said...

Hi Niya.Ilike your blog.About the date roll,Ihave a suggestion.If you saute some cashew bits in a little ghee and then spread on the dates before you roll it maybe it will be even more tasty.