Dec 24, 2010

Our son's new XBOX 360 with Kinect

XBOX 360


It’s holidays now and our son is finding a lot of free time. So we’ve gifted him a new video game with a difference. This is more interactive, which means – unlike conventional video games, to play this, he has to get out of the chair and physically play the game. Therefore, he can have the fun of video game at the same time make him physically active.

This is similar to Nintendo Wii but unlike Nintendo, kinect does not require any gadgets to be used. So he is active and sweats out within the confines of our home - at any time he wishes. He is enjoying it a lot.

Available at Landmark and Croma show room in Chennai ( India )


Anonymous said...

Wow Wonderful, where do you live ? US or India ?

Anonymous said...

great.. can u tell me how much it is priced in Chennai?