Apr 15, 2011

Potatoes for healthy eating

Potatoes for healthy eating


A good source of vitamin C and B6, and potassium and other minerals.

An inexpensive, filling, and nutritious starchy food.

The skin is a good source of fibre.

Many people think potatoes are fattening, but this is true only when they are fried or served with butter and rich sauces. A medium size baked or boiled potato has been 120 and 150 calories, a small amount of protein and almost no fat. The same potato turned into potato chips has 450 to 500 calories and up to 35 g fat. French fries and other processes potatoes are almost always high in salt.

When preparing potatoes, it is best not to remove the skin because the fibre is in the skin and many of the nutrients are near the surface; instead, scrub them under water with a vegetable brush. If you do peel them, try to remove as thin a layer as possible. Once sliced or peeled, raw potatoes will discolor when exposed to oxygen, so cook them immediately or place them in water with vinegar or lemon juice added.

Store potatoes in a dark, cool place, but not in refrigerator. Don’t store potatoes and onions together, the acids in onions aid the decomposition of potatoes and vice versa.


Green and sprouted potatoes may contain solanine, a potentially toxic substance.

Patta Cake

The name refers to patting the mixture between the palms of the hands to form a flat cake.

Recipe Credit - The Popular Potato : Best Recipes ( Author - Valwyn Mcmonigal )

Main ingredients for Patta Cake - Boiled and mashed potatoes, left over cooked meat / egg mixture / vegetables or finely chopped onion, salt tomato sauce, 1 - 2 tablespoon oil for shallow frying. You can also use this cake for sandwich or burger or serve potato cakes with mayonnaise or tomato sauce.

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