Jan 8, 2012

Chilli Paneer

Chilli Paneer

A tasty paneer dish. Goes well as a side dish with fried rice / noodles / rotis or serve as a starter.

Serves: 2

You will need

For paneer:

200 g paneer (cottage cheese or you can use tofu), cut into cubes

4 teaspoons corn flour

150 ml oil (to deep fry)

Other ingredients:

6 garlic cloves, chopped

2 teaspoons oil

1 green chilli or red chilli, chopped

3 tablespoons red chilli sauce

2 teaspoons tomato puree

½ teaspoon salt (or to taste)


In a wide bowl, roll paneer pieces in corn flour and keep aside for 15 minutes. Corn flour should well coated on paneer.

Heat oil in a frying pan. Reduce heat to medium and deep fry well coated paneer pieces till crisp and golden color. Drain out oil and place on kitchen towel to absorb extra oil.

Final preparation:

Heat 2 teaspoons oil in a wok or frying pan. Add chopped green chilli or red chilli and garlic. Fry for 2 – 3 minutes on a medium heat until fragrant.

Add red chilli sauce and tomato puree. Saute well for 2 – 3 minutes on a low heat until well blended and thickens.

Add fried paneer pieces and salt to taste. Stir well for 3 – 4 minutes until sauce mix (chilli sauce – tomato puree) well coated on paneer/ gravy thickens. Consume immediately (or if kept for a long time it may become hard and less tasty) with fried rice / noodles / rotis as a side dish. Or serve as a starter.


Aarthi said...

love it all time


Faseela said...

wow....spicy paneer......lovely

Poornima Nair said...

That looks really good!

Achu's Amma's Kitchen said...

Super chilli paneer