Nov 17, 2010

Egg Ring

An egg ring is about three inches in diameter and is used to contain the egg in a perfectly round shape while it cooks. The rings also keep the egg from spreading in the pan so that more eggs can be cooked in the pan at the same time.

Most egg rings are constructed of stainless steel and some have attached handles that allow the rings to be lifted easily from the pan.

Source - Recipe tips

You can also use a round cookie cutter or cutlet maker for making an egg ring.


Lightly grease the inside of the cookie cutter or cutlet maker with very little butter or oil.

Heat one teaspoon of butter / oil in a large skillet; then place the greased cookie cutter / cutlet maker into the pan.

Crack the egg directly into cookie cutter.

Cook the eggs to the desired doneness, usually three to five minutes. This is a longer cooking time than what is usually required for eggs that are cooked sunny-side-up, but since the egg rings do not allow the eggs to spread out in the pan, the extra thickness requires more cooking time.

Keep in mind that the longer the egg is cooked, the browner the bottom of the egg will become.

When the egg has cooked to the desired doneness, remove the cookie cutter from the skillet / frying pan with the help of a needle and remove the fried egg ring from the skillet / frying pan with the help of a flat spatula.

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Pushpa said...

Egg rings look so tempting and yummy

Priya said...

Very tempting, i can have this egg ring with toasted bread..

Khaugiri said...

Hey nice egg ring... I have also posted one recipe like this prepared by my husband.

NImmi said...

Read about & saw a picture of 'Egg Ring' in this fortnight's 'Vanitha'. This issue is kitchen special or something and it has pictures of some very interesting storage ideas for our kitchens.

Akka, how do u manage to do posts almost daily?? I love your energy!!