Nov 18, 2010

Health benefits of Green Tea

Health benefits of Green tea

Source - Reader’s Digest

Help with your weight. Overweight or obese exercisers burned off three more pounds and 7 percent more belly fat when they drank green tea instead of another beverage with the same calories, according to a new multicenter study.

Protection against cancer. Regular drinkers were 12 percent less likely to develop breast cancer than nondrinkers, according to research in 6,928 Chinese women.

Reduced risk of stroke. A UCLA review of nine studies found three cups a day cut the risk of stroke by 21 percent (black tea was protective too).

Healthier gums. In a study of 940 men, the more green tea a man drank, the less likely he was to have gum disease.

How to make green tea ?

Bring 100 ml water to boil.

Put 1 tea bag in a cup.

Pour boiled water into the cup.

Allow infusion for 2 - 3 minutes.

After 2 - 3 minutes, dip tea bag in the cup 8 - 10 times.

Sweeten with sugar as desired.

Best enjoyed as a light brew without milk or sugar.


Hannah said...

What a great recipe for green tea. I agree with you that green tea has many medicinal properties. The presence of antioxidants such as catechins and polyphenols makes it a potent supplement to keep various ailments at bay. It helps reduce signs of aging and boosts immunity. Green Tea is also believed to reduce blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Green Tea is one of the most convenient supplements for people who work in a fast paced enviroment.

Hannah Gilmore| Natural Health & Wellness

Hi! I’m Hannah, and I have been working on the Delta Labs research team for about a year now. My areas of expertise are in Prenatal & Postnatal health and wellness. While I love to talk about these topics with ya'll, I should remind you that the views expressed are my personal opinions, and you should always seek the expertise of your physician before starting any new exercise or supplement regimen.

organic green tea said...

hi, thank you for sharing helpful information on green tea. i definitely like to drink green tea than drinking coffee from now. i love organic so organic green tea is my regular drink now. All the best.