Jul 30, 2010

Different Types of Cauliflower

Different types of Cauliflower

Green is a cross between broccoli and cauliflower in flavor and texture and is milder than white.

Purple is wild, and is better for health. The color comes from anthocyanins ( found in red cabbage and red wine ) which is an antioxidant. Steam it or eat it raw; boiling will cause the color ( and the nutrition ) to bleed.

Orange was discovered in a Canadian marsh; has 25 times more vitamin A than its pale cousin.

Source - Betterhomes and Gardens


Neetz said...

in my life i have not seen such different colors of cauliflower!! wow!! tnx so much for sharing it dear :)

Lav said...

wooh i never even knew that there r colorful cauliflowers too !! Thanks for sharing :)



Arun said...

Very interesting! We of course know purple fruits and veggies have anti oxidant properties. But orange is new to me.Personally I feel these different types may not make for varied tase in Indian style cooking, unless of course if you eat them semi cooked.