Jul 30, 2010

Kerala Mixture

Here's the recipe of Homemade Kerala Mixture !!

Kerala Mixturum Chayayum

If you ever been to Kerala to visit any of your friends or relations, then there is every likelihood that you’ve tasted this mixture. Unlike the mixture you get in other part of the country this one is very very spicy hot ( with an overdose of chilli powder, dash of hing ( asafoetida ) and curry leaves ). It is an excellent accompaniment with tea / coffee. Those who have tasted this will never like to miss it again. For GSB functions normally the breakfast is Idli or Upma and this mixture is an inevitable item.


Satya said...

i love kerala mixture n this click picture makes me drooling here :)

Hari Chandana said...

Wowww.. mouth watering recipe.. looks spicy !!

Lav said...

wow looks damn tempting...love any kind of mixture...your pics make me drool :)



Anonymous said...

Do you have a recipe for this kerala mixture?