Jul 5, 2010

Sugar Coated Balushahi / Badusha

Sugar Coated Balushahi / Badusha

Makes: 7

You will need

200 g all purpose flour ( maida )
1 tablespoon melted ghee
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon cooking soda
1/4 cup water ( for making dough )
200 ml oil / ghee ( for frying )

For Sugar Syrup:

1/ 4 cup ( 50 g ) sugar
1/ 4 cup water
1/ 4 cup extra sugar ( for sugar coating )


Mix flour, salt, cooking soda and melted ghee. Make a dough with 1/4 cup water and keep aside for half an hour.

Divide this dough into 7 equal portions and make round balls.

Make a dent in the centre of the ball with your thumb.

In an iron kadai, heat ghee / oil. Reduce heat to low and fry 3 - 4 balls at a time.

Flip them and cook the other side also till golden color. Remove from oil.

Boil 1/4 cup sugar with 1/4 cup water. Boil till sugar completely dissolves in water. ( approximate time 8 - 10 minutes ).

Dip fried round balls ( balushahi ) in the sugar syrup for 10 minutes.

Gently remove the balushahi from the sugar syrup and keep aside in another bowl.

Reserve the 2 tablespoon sugar syrup.

Boil 1/4 cup sugar and reserved 2 tablespoon sugar syrup. Stir continuously on low heat for 20 minutes or till sugar syrup thickens ( Sugar solution thickens and a string appear between thumb and forefinger when testing ).

Gently stir balushahis in thick sugar syrup ( till thick sugar solution well coated on balushahis ).

Keep aside for 4 hours or overnight. A bright sugar coating will appear on balushahis.