Jul 21, 2010

Tirupati Prasadam ( Naivedyam / Nivedu )

This is the prasadam from the famous Balaji Temple of Tirupati. This divinely tasting laddu which is made of finest ingredients is second only to Lord himself in fame.

It’s a custom among our relatives and friends to share this laddu prasadam among all of us whenever they visit the temple - symbolic of sharing the blessings from the Lord to everyone.

One of our relative visited the temple recently and presented us this divine prasadam. I want to share with you all as well.


Khaugiri said...

Thanks a lot Niya.......May lord Venkatesha bless us throughout our life!!!

Cheese Cube said...

yup the same..I guess many goes there for getting this laddu. Great preparation. Thanks for it.