Mar 27, 2011

Chennai's popular Buhari Mutton Biryani

Buhari Mutton Biryani

Chicken 65 from Buhari Restaurant, Chennai

This restaurant claims to have introduced the popular deep fried starter “Chicken 65 ” for the first time ( The “65” part of it is still debated - whether it is 65 pieces (will be very small), 65 days old chicken - (will be very hard and fibrous), 1965 - the year of introduction, 65 days marinated chicken meat - (will decompose)).

Note - A couple of things I noticed was: - Being Sunday there was heavy crowd and people were waiting outside for their turn and take way counter was also long.

Car parking was not an issue. The valet parking guys are very helpful.

Biryani ( Both chicken and mutton ) was fantastic !!!! See the photo above. I didn’t find anything special about the other dishes. Just the ordinary fare which one can get at Anjappar, Ponnuswami, Paramount, Thalappakattu or similar restaurant in Chennai. Special dishes like Mutton Paaya and string hopper biryani available only in the evenings.

Buhari Restaurant
Near Chintamani Signal & Naidu Hall
Anna Nagar East
Chennai, Tel # 30531111

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