Mar 18, 2011

How to cook perfect Pasta ?

How to cook perfect Pasta ?

Cook pasta according to the direction shown on the packet.

Always cook pasta in a larger pan, with lots of boiling water - it will never stick.

Never, never overcook pasta. It should be just firm enough for you to bite into it - the term for this is ‘’ al dente’’. Fresh pasta rises to the top of the pan in just about a minute - and that’s a sign it’s done.

Rinse pasta in boiling water or cold water after you cook, so that extra starch is washed away.

Always drain pasta in the colander once it’s cooked.


Ron said...

Always salt the water.

Only rinse if you are going to use Pasta in a cold dish.
Unrinsed pasta holds the sauce better.

how to cook said...

Thanks for sharing recupee . i like this recipe ,