Mar 24, 2011

Microwave cooking tips

Microwave cooking tips

Source - Femina Magazine

When removing a lid or a plastic wrap from hot, microwave food, make sure you lift it from the end of the dish away from you, in order to avoid being scalded by the escaping steam.

It is dangerous to use narrow - necked bottles or jars in a microwave oven, as pressure build - up during cooking, may cause them to explode.

Pierce fruits like tomatoes, plums or other soft fruits, which have a membrane or skin than can burst while cooking.

Fried foods like samosas, when reheated, do not remain crisp and French fries tend to get soggy.

Sweet dishes and bread rolls reheat quickly. Bread rolls, sandwiches, cakes, pizzas and chapatis should be wrapped in paper towels or cloth napkins. The paper or cloth will absorb excess moisture and promote even heating.

Mustard seeds do not splutter in a microwave oven, so do not be surprised if they continue to look the same when you are preparing tempering.

A microwave cooks food using its own moisture, so reduce the liquid used by almost half the normal quantity.

Never use aluminum foil to cover food completely, as the foil will reflect the microwave energy away from the food. Foil can, however, be used to cover lean areas of the food to prevent overcooking. Foil should never touch the walls of the oven.

Health tip

Source - Betterhomesandgardens

Orange juice to your aid - So you grab a fast food meal every now and then, but feel guilty about it? Just be sure to have some orange juice along with the meal. According to the researchers at the University of Buffalo, US, orange juice decreases a meal’s harmful effects by controlling the increase in levels of free radicals from unhealthy foods. Also, orange juice is an anti - fat elixir. While it can help limit the unhealthy effects of a fatty meal, don’t make junk food a habit.

Baking tip :

Source - Goodhousekeeping

The temperature drops by 12 * C every time the oven door is opened, so check your bakes through the oven window.

Cooking tip for Rice:

Add a few drops of lemon juice to the water before boiling rice to make the grains water.

Source - Goodhousekeeping Magazine


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