Mar 9, 2011

How to whip cream ?

How to whip cream ?

Source - Sharp Hand Mixer

Cream, beaters and mixing bowl must be thoroughly chilled.

Begin whipping process at lowest speed setting ( 1 ) to minimize spatter. As the cream begins to thicken gradually increase the speed setting to whip ( maximum 5 ).

Whipping time will vary according to the cream’s fat content, freshness and temperature.

Oil Dispenser for Dosa Tawa

This oil dispenser for dosa tawa is something I saw in the market the other day.

Many of us use varied method to apply oil on tawa or frying pani before pouring dosa batter ( from spoons, cloth, sponge to dedicated mini brooms). This is a device which is very useful to apply oil on tawa for Dosas - just (open the red cap) fill oil of your choice to be applied. The oil will seep out through the cotton strands on bottom. Rub this on the tawa to apply oil. This is also washable.

This is just for info and not intended to promote this device. Use your judgement before buying.

Available @ Santhosh Super Stores, Anna Nagar, Chennai


Pari said...

Dear Niya,
Apart from chilling all the things I place the bowl of cream on an ice cube bath while whipping.This method is particularly effective during high temperature.


Vimitha Anand said...

Very useful tip...